Scott Weiland Happy In Galoshes 2008 USA CD album SD0002


SCOTT WEILAND Happy In Galoshes (2008 US exclusive 12-track CD album - as the front man for Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver Weiland has remained a dominant force in rock music. Now with his 2nd solo release he proves that his musicand songwriting is as potent and powerful as ever. Produced by Weiland and Doug Green [Velvet Revolver Sheryl Crow Crystal Method] with select tracks recorded by Steve Albini; presented in sealed & stickered picture sleeve) 1. Missing Cleveland 2. Tangle With Your Mind 3. Blind Confusion 4. Paralysis 5. She Sold Her System 6. Fame 7. Killing Me Sweetly 8. Big Black Monster 9. Crash 10. Beautiful Day 11. Pictures & Computers (Im Not Superman) 12. Arch A

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