Ladyhawke Ladyhawke 2008 UK CD album MODCD99


LADYHAWKE Ladyhawke (2008 UK 13-track CD by New Zealander Pip Brown super jewel case picture sleeve. As a music obsessed child with very musical parents [step-father a drummer mother a singer] she soaked up everything from the 70s & 80s from Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett to Nirvana and Hole with Van Halen and Deep Purple in between. Her debut album marries serious song crafting with elements of vintage pop electro & rock and includes the singles Paris Is Burning & Dusk Till Dawn along with the UK bonus track Oh My MODCD99)ÞÞ01. Magic02. Manipulating Woman03. My Delirium04. Better Than Sunday05. Another Runaway06. Love Dont Live Here07. Back Of The Van08. Paris Is Burning09. Professional Suicide10. Du

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