Cat Power Jukebox 2008 Taiwanese CD album HN474CD


CAT POWER Jukebox (2008 Taiwanese issue 13-track CD album - Cat Power returns with her 2nd collection of cover versions; it is the 1st album she has made with her band Dirty Delta Blues [Dirty Threes Jim White Delta 72s Gregg Foreman Jon Spencer Blues Explosions Judah Bauer and Lizard Musics Erik Paparazzi] includes versions of tracks by Frank Sinatra George Jackson James Brown Bob Dylan plus the original recording Song To Bobby which she wrote about meeting Bob Dylan for the first time plus the Bonus Recording Breathless sealed picture sleeve)ÞÞ1. New York [Frank Sinatra]2. Ramblin (Wo)man [Hank Williams]3. Metal Heart - 2008 Version [Cat Power]4. Silver Stallion [Highwayman]5. Aretha Sing One For M

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