Mick Harvey Motion Picture Music '94-'05 2006 UK CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE


MICK HARVEY Motion Picture Music 94-05 (2006 UK advance Mute Records CD-R acetate album issued exclusively to radio stations and reviewers. This new compilation from the Bad Seeds/Birthday Party co-founder and celebrated arranger multi-instrumentalist producer and composer features 27 tracks from a wide spectrum of productions including documentaries and short films. Custom printed disc picture/titled inlay & 2-page press release!) 1. Two Guitars2. At Nevilles Gate3. Cicaders4. Homecoming5. By The River6. Face to Face7. Reuniting8. Finale9. Main Theme10. Three Guitars11. Noises/Fire12. Piano Theme13. Setting Sail14. Antarctica15. Things Going Wrong16.

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