The Fiery Furnaces Rehearsing My Choir 2005 UK CD-R acetate CDR ACETATE


THE FIERY FURNACES Rehearsing My Choir (Official 2005 UK Rough Trade label 11-track promotional CD-R acetate of the concept album based on the life of Matthew and Eleanors Grandmother Olga Sarantos. This non-linear album narrated throughout byOlga still maintains the duos complex musical arrangements and inventive vocals. Custom printed disc complete with a custom picture/tracklisting inlay) 1. Garfield El2. Wayward Granddaughter3. Candymakers Knife In My Handbag4. We Wrote Letters Everyday5. Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second Street6. Guns Under The Counter7. Seven Silver Curses8. Though Lets Be Fair9. Slavin Away10.

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