The Hours Narcissus Road 2007 UK CD-R acetate CD-R ACETATE


THE HOURS Narcissus Road (2007 UK A&M 11-track CD-R acetate album issued exclusively to radio stations & reviewers. The debut album from Northern lads Ant Genn & Martin Slattery who make big sweeping straight-talking and beautiful music proper Northern Soul; from the insistent riff of Ali In the Jungleto the dagger in the heart of Back When You Were Good or the knifes edge melody of I Miss You this is a collection of glittering pop songs that have something to say. Custom printed disc plus title/tracklisting inlay + 2-page press release!) 1. Ali In The Jungle2. Narcissus Road3. Back When You Were Good4. Love You More5. Icarus6. I Miss You7. Murder Or Suicide8. Dive In9. I Need To Know10. People Say11. Let Me Breathe

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