CSS Cansei De Ser Sexy 2007 UK CD album 5101196842


CSS Cansei De Ser Sexy (2007 issue UK 11-track CD album - The debut album from the group who came together without any presumptions or typical formulas but with handclaps and one keyboard; between funky dancehall and keys that bubble & bounce vocalist Lovefoxxx throws down vocals in a way that is wholly unafraid shameless in the best of ways and the rest is filled in with wire-thin guitars swift drums and manic hooks including the singles Lets Make Love And Listen To Death F romAbove Alala & Off The Hook)ÞÞ1. CSS Suxx2. Patins3. Alala4. Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above5. Art Bitch6. Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show7. Meeting Paris Hilton8. Off The Hook9. Alcohol10. Music Is

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